2018 : [ Athena / Walla Walla / Willamette ]


grower: Goschie Farms

Barley: LCS calypso (25 Ac); Wintmalt (10 ac)

Susty: Salmon-Safe; Dry-Farmed

PLANTED: November 1, 2017

HARVESTED: July 12, 2018

Goschie Farms is undoubtedly our most widely known grower, boasting over a century of hops growing heritage and close proximity to the Portland beer industry. And for 2018, we were fortunate enough to contract a second year of their production-scale barley experimentation in the Willamette Valley. Where last year was a mix of 3 spring barleys, 2018 tried our luck at two winter varietals.

Despite some hiccups in seeding, both barleys emerged and overwintered beautifully, growing through the spring months with vigor and maturing ahead of summer drought. Yields topped 4 tons per acre, plumps approached 100%, and protein was in the 10-11% range… a perfect crop. We got a bit nervous when the weight of the seed heads and one final rain storm started to topple the plants (a condition known as “lodging”), but dry conditions ensued and the crop quality remained high.