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Since 2015, Mainstem Malt has worked with family farms in Washington and Oregon to grow premium quality, Salmon-Safe certified, dry-farmed malting grains for the craft beverage industry. With much love and a bootstrap budget, we’ve partnered with leading-edge craft malt houses to turn our growers' raw grain into quality malt. 

Our novel approach to supply chain management and grain tracking has enabled custom malting from specific grain lots, down to a single varietal, crop year, farmer, and field. The finished malt has found its way into an inspired assortment of #MadeWithMainstem beer and spirits, with consumers gaining a new appreciation for the agriculture, conservation, and malting process behind products they love.

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As our relationships grow stronger with farmers, customers, consumers, and a wide range of industry partners, so does our collective desire for deeply integrated malting capacity. Our next big step towards these goals is a Walla Walla-based craft malt hub in the heart of Northwest grain and wine country.

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Mainstem's flagship Northwest Hub will showcase our malt supply from farm, through the malting process, and into experimental batches of finished goods. A modular, scalable malting approach will be employed to maintain core principles of precision, customization, and malt innovation. Conservation-forward staff will work diligently to sustain multi-year contracts throughout the supply chain, building a future where sustainably managed, highly innovative malt is available at an accessible price point.

Walla Walla's unique geography will offer a playful interaction between wine culture and the development of grain’s own form of terroir, inspiring the potential for what hubs in other unique geographies might offer the industry. With momentum in Walla Walla and encouragement from our stakeholders, we'll strive for additional hubs in Alaska and the Southwest.

Northwest Hub
Walla Walla, Washington

(Crown Building)

+ Former Can Factory
+ Retrofit w/ Port of Walla Walla
+ 200,000 Sq. Ft. Building
+ 50,000+ Sq. Ft. for Malting
+ Designed Around 11-Ton Malters
+ Modular Expansion to 15+ Malters; 8000+ Tons Annually
+ High-Kilning, Smoking, & Roasting
+ Efficient Storage & Handling
+ Future Railroad Spur Access
+ Adjacent Space Available for Fermentation! Be Our Neighbor?

Alaska Hub
Anchorage, Alaska

We recently traveled thousands of miles by air, sea, and Westfalia, to meet with stakeholders from Juneau to Anchorage to Fairbanks. We spoke with grain growers, malt buyers, state government, crop researchers, beer geeks, booze fans, and more. We are truly humbled by the support emerging from this wild state. If we have the chance to put together an Alaska craft malt hub, it would be an absolute honor. For more info, please see the memo below and please do get in touch!

Southwest Hub
Location TBD

Mainstem Malt was started as a market-based tool to foster win-win collaboration between farm and fisheries stakeholders in and around the water scarce Walla Walla Basin. There are numerous water scarcity hotspots in the American Southwest where a Mainstem Malt hub could be similarly leveraged. We'll entertain entry into Southwest markets as brand momentum builds in the Northwest and Alaska.

Our Expansion.Your Support