Malting Partners

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We partner with a growing network of maltsters who help transform our grain portfolio into fermentation-ready malt. They represent the vanguard of a "craft malt revolution" and we're honored to work with them.

Palouse Pint

Spokane, Wash.

Est. 2016

A cooperative craft malt house, operated by LINC Foods. Palouse Pint utilizes a precision pneumatic drum malting system, split between a steep tank and germination-kiln vessel, to yield roughly 4 tons of finished malt every 5 days.

Skagit Valley Malting

Burlington, Wash.

Est. 2015

The Pacific Northwest's largest and most technologically ambitious craft malt house. Skagit Valley Malting utilizes a growing array of single-vessel pneumatic malting modules, each producing roughly 9 tons of malt every 7 days.