We collaborate with conservation organizations on farm-friendly projects in the Pacific Northwest. When we work together, big things happen.

Below is our current Eco-Partners roster. They rock. Have thoughts on how your organization can also work with Mainstem towards win-win conservation outcomes? Awesome! Visit our Get Connected page and please do get in touch. 


Our blanket standard for aquatic wellbeing.

In the Pacific Northwest, wild salmon are a key indicator species for the health of aquatic ecosystems. Their populations are also known to be limited by a wide range of current land use practices. Salmon-Safe Certification is our blanket standard for Pacific Northwest farming partners, providing assurance that their practices are compatible with ongoing regional salmon recovery efforts.



Our pilot partner for "Sprouting Streamflows."

Sprouting Streamflows is our engagement point for irrigated growers. The project in a nutshell: 

We craft a 3-way contract between Mainstem, a water conservation nonprofit, and a farmer growing water-intensive crops on a critical salmon-bearing waterway. Mainstem offers a market premium for a water-saving malting grain rotation. The water conservation nonprofit offers a payment for the water savings, protected instream. The farmer gains a market-fueled mechanism to reduce water consumption while doing what they know and love. Farm on.

The Washington Water Trust is working with Mainstem to pilot Sprouting Streamflows and we're incredibly grateful for their support. Our hopes are that this work can be scaled and replicated across the PNW. 


Our PNW family of water-motivated beverage folks.

The Oregon Brewshed Alliance, Washington Brewshed Alliance, and Idaho Brewshed Alliance are steeped in the principle that great beer comes from clean water. If we take care of our watersheds, we shore up a bright future for the state's renowned brewing industry. Mainstem proudly contributes as a supply chain collaborator for beer's number two ingredient, second only to water: Malt.