Mainstem Malt is on a mission to build innovative malt supply chains in support of family farms, rural communities, and on-farm conservation efforts — starting with water and striving for comprehensive sustainability.

You benefit through the malt-driven craft beer, spirits, and baked goods that you enjoy... not to mention a brighter future.

Right now, chances are the malty products you love are made with malt you probably wouldn't. It's nobody's fault, really... it's just the way the malting industry has consolidated and intensified over the years. But if you believe in the power of small business, regional supply chains, and agricultural revitalization through diversity, take confidence that the winds of change are blowing. Please let the brewers, homebrewing suppliers, distillers, and bakers out there know that their malt source matters to you. And we'd be grateful if you pointed them in our direction.

When you buy a product made with Mainstem Malt, you'll know exactly what you support. And you'll be proud. For starters, your purchase will support real family farms through diversification and de-commoditization of their harvests. Via our website and social media, we link you to these farms, as well as the soils, the water, and the weather that grew our grains each year. 

Your purchase will also support a reduced water resources footprint for the malt-driven products you enjoy, made possible by our unique grain sourcing framework. Each of our partnering farms employs meaningful conservation practices that help restore and maintain our region's streams and rivers. Salmon-Safe certification, habitat enhancement, dryland farming practices, irrigation efficiency, and reduced water use crops are some examples of the practices we encourage.

We will bring certified Organic offerings to market as soon as 2019. In everything, we strive to be inclusive not exclusive to farmers, and altogether move the needle toward comprehensive agricultural sustainability.