We're here for folks looking to make a difference with their raw materials purchasing power. With Mainstem, you directly support family farmers, their conservation ethic, and the relocalization of grain economies. We add value to your own products through quality, ethic, practice, and radical supply chain transparency.

Our business is tailored to meet the demands of discerning craft brewers, distillers, and bakers, with a current focus on the Pacific Northwest, California, and Alaska. It all starts with premium, single-origin grain from conservation minded family farms, which we then pair to malting capacity at one of our partnering craft malt houses. We maintain a modest malt inventory for small orders and specialty malts, but do best when serving clients on a custom basis.

Finished malt is linked online to an assessment of the year's harvest, a third party finished malt analysis, and a summary of the farms, maltsters, soil, water, and weather that made it all possible. We'll provide a strong, malty, and marketable story for you to pass on to your customers. And we do believe they'll love you for it.