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Mainstem Malt is actively courting capital. We offer patient relationships with industry-leading customers & strategic partners, a supportive 30-year lease on a 56,000 square foot factory in burgeoning Walla Walla, a golden opportunity to help pioneer Alaska's malt supply, and very little baggage.

Investor Information
Please, take a look around.

Mainstem Malt, SPC is 100% family owned and operated, has scaled extremely lean, and is at the limits of what our family can support. Meanwhile, the opportunities for growth are ripe. Our industry wants us to succeed. We now welcome aboard accredited investors in search of adventurous growth, into an exciting new dimension of the craft beverage industry and beyond.

To request access to our investment documents, please read through this page and submit an investor information request form. A member of the Mainstem team will follow up with you promptly. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll send you a document package to review and your investment can be formalized in as little as 1 week. If you have questions at any point in the process, email us at

Pre-A Round
Current Events

Started: Sept 16, 2018

Nov 21 lease approved, front page Sunday paper; Feb 2 2nd place @ 2019 malt cup

closed as of: march 19, 2019
$200k closed of $2MM Target

Target close: June 1, 2018
(12-Month Max Duration)

Pre-A Round
Seeking $2MM + Debt
Simple Agreement for Future Equity

Accredited Investors Only
$25k Minimum/Investor
From $0-1mm: $5MM Valuation Cap
FROM $1-2MM: $8MM Valuation Cap
20% Discount
Pro Rata Rights

We are actively raising our Pre-A financing round. The plan is to use Pre-A funds to start construction and install our first two malting drums in Walla Walla, while adding team members, working capital, and additional professional support. We will further our development of strategic partnerships in both Northwest and Alaska markets, advance customer relationships, and improve our operating systems. Investments will be made in the long-term design and construction plan for our Walla Walla facility. A phased action plan will support development of the Mainstem Alaska Hub, with capital-lite Alaska legwork to be bolstered substantially by subsequent Series A funding.

Mainstem's Pre-A is be an opportunity for investors to get behind us early, in exchange for the ability to influence Mainstem at a pivotal time and for a higher potential return on their investment. These investors should believe that their financing is the missing link between Mainstem's current market positioning and being ready to build a multi-million dollar malting facility in Walla Walla. They should see strong Alaskan market potential very close on the horizon. They should take confidence that financing will be focused on immediate growth opportunities, not prior baggage.

Series A Round
Deal to Follow
(2020 Target Close)

The current plan is to use Series A funds to bolster our build-out of the Mainstem Northwest Hub in Walla Walla, and associated internal capacity required to make this facility a regional success. Additional resources will be allocated toward more advanced development of the Mainstem Alaska Hub. Additional hub concepts, including the Mainstem Southwest Hub, will be put through formal feasibility and strategic assessment.

Mainstem's Series A will be an opportunity to invest in the company once more benchmarks have been reached and market potential becomes more readily recognizable. Both new-to-Mainstem and Pre-A investors will be invited to support the company through an exciting new chapter, where substantial capital is put to work towards substantial growth into target markets.