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Quality malt starts with high-performing grain growers. Please read the information below about how we're working to connect growers to emerging craft malt demand across three regions of interest. Sound like a good fit? Give a shout at farms@mainstemmalt.com and we'll be in touch.

Salmon-Safe certified, Northwest-grown, AMBA approved, 2-Row malting barley contracts starting at $250/ton. Additional premiums paid for agronomically quirky grains and above-and-beyond conservation work. Alaska and Southwest pricing to be established based on cost of production.

Northwest Growers

We currently work with 7 Northwest growers, with 2019 contracts at roughly 500 acres. We anticipate that our Northwest malting hub in Walla Walla will require an increase in contracted acreage alongside expanded niche species/varietal production. We're actively seeking new growers and new locales to help fill these needs, as we simultaneously work to rally demand from Northwest malt buyers.

Alaska Growers

Mainstem Alaska is still in concept stage. In July, 2018, we traveled around the state to meet with a sampling of potential collaborators in this project. The positive feedback we received throughout the supply chain was very encouraging. We're interested in moving forward and are actively seeking seasoned grain growers to pledge their acreage to the cause, as we simultaneously work to rally demand from Alaskan malt buyers.

Southwest Growers

Mainstem Southwest is still in concept stage, but is a natural next step for a growing Mainstem. If you're an irrigated grain grower in the American Southwest and are interested in farm friendly, market-based solutions to water conservation, please do get in touch.