2017 Willamette
Full Pint Vienna

Decadent and alluring, a Vienna malt full of vigor, with an assertive toasty warmth. 

Varietal: OSU Full Pint 2-row spring barley

Source: Grown and harvested in 2017 amongst hopyards in Silverton, OR by Goschie Farms. This field was split between Full Pint (OSU) and Lyon (WSU) to enable an interesting varietal comparison

Flavor: As full bodied and rich as any Munich malt, yet light enough in color to be appropriate in all but the palest of beers- great as 100% of the grist for full toasty warmth, or as a portion of the grist in any recipe needing a little extra malty kick.

Analysis: Typical analysis for this Mainstem product. Head to our Malt Meta page for detailed batch-specific analysis on each malt we’ve ever sold.

  • Color (°SRM): 5.52

  • Extract (% FGDB): 80.8

  • DP (°L) : 106

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