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So... Our work starts with farmers and their grain, and we take that dynamic seriously. All malt and grain under the Mainstem brand is sold in single variety, single farm, and single field format. Each grain lot is unique in quality, limited in quantity, and jam-packed with story, then transformed into premium malt at one of our partnering craft malt houses.

Quality wise, we track yield and common factors for each grain lot and malt batch. The bulk of our small batch recipes are also meant to hold their own as the solitary malt used in beer and spirits recipes. Through this process, we strive to empower beer and spirits fans with tools to tease apart nuance in grain quality across three dimensions: Variety, geography, and seasonality. "Grain terroir," if you will. And to keep things interesting on another dimension, we'll rotate through customer voted specialty malts as add-ons to any delivery.

To be totally honest, this grain terroir stuff is uncharted territory and we're not quite sure what we'll discover. You can be the judge of its significance in your own products. But even if grain terroir turns out to be so insignificant that it doesn't matter (hypothetically speaking), this hyper-transparent production format helps us connect folks to agriculture in a way that is undeniably real.