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As our relationships grow stronger with farmers, customers, consumers, and a wide range of industry partners, so does our collective desire for assured, consistent, and deeply integrated Mainstem malting capacity. Our next major step is a Walla Walla-based craft malting hub in the heart of Northwest grain and wine country.

The Mainstem Northwest Hub's positioning amongst the vineyards offers a playful interaction between wine culture and the development of grain’s own form of terroir, inspiring the potential for what hubs in other unique geographies might lend to the malting, brewing, distilling, and culinary industries.

With success in Walla Walla, we'll strive for up to two more Western hubs: Alaska Hub; Southwest Hub.

Northwest Hub
Walla Walla, Washington


+ Former Continental Can Factory
+ Retrofit w/ Port of Walla Walla
+ 200,000 Sq. Ft. Building
+ 50,000+ Sq. Ft. for Malting
+ Designed Around 11-Ton Malters
+ Modular Expansion to 15+ Malters; 8000+ Tons Annually
+ High-Kilning, Smoking, & Roasting
+ Efficient Storage & Handling
+ Future Railroad Spur Access
+ Adjacent Space Available for Fermentation! Be Our Neighbor?

Alaska Hub
Anchorage, Alaska

We are truly humbled by the support emerging from this wild state. So much so that we're traveling thousands of miles to meet with stakeholders from Juneau to Anchorage to Fairbanks: Grain growers, malt buyers, state government, and more. If we have the chance to put together a malting hub for your state, it would be an honor. For more info, see the memo below and do get in touch!

Requesting stakeholder support from:

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Grain Growers


We're looking for great and growing family grain farmers with a can-do attitude. We'll link you to timely and exciting markets, and support you on the road to comprehensive sustainability.

Sourcing Now: WA/OR/ID
Sourcing Future: AK/CA/NV
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Malt Buyers


We're looking to forge potent alliances with our customers. Help us get rolling with our hubs and we'll help bring your malt purchasing to a whole new level. For your craft and customers.

Distribution: Westwide
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Impact Investors


We're currently looking for well-aligned, accredited investors to back Mainstem's next mission-driven moves. (Future plans include an investment format for non-accredited, everyday folks.)

Sound like you? Please submit an inquiry form and we'll be in touch shortly.